Reading, or not Reading

Three years ago, I got married.  (Almost four. ) This was a happy bend in the road .  I didn’t think it would ever happen.  But it did, hooray!  One of the oddest, I-don’t-understand things that occured is that I stopped reading.  I’d read only what I had to for work.  The reading-as-entertainment that I had done for 20 years just sort of stopped.  That’s why I didn’t know The Kind of Friends We Used to Be was a sequel.  I hadn’t read it, I didn’t know about it.  Call it negligence, it sort of is. I’m a librarian and it’s my job to know these things.

This blog, That Bend in the Road, is about exploring the things that life throws at you.  Getting married and not reading is a definite twist. I think I stopped reading for two reasons: I moved 1 hour away from work (previously I had been about 25 minutes away).  A 2 hour commute is along time away from home. Secondly, cable.  I had never had cable and Project Runway and HGTV are seductive. 

So, now what?  I have a blog I want to take seriously. To do it right, I’ll have to read and post.  Wish me luck.  SH  3/09


About SH

I'm a children's librarian in the western suburbs of Chicago. I've been involved with children's literature since working in a children's bookstore in 1990.
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