The Locked Garden by Gloria Whelan

locked gardenIn 1900, Verna and Carlie move to the Traverse City (MI) State Hospital with their father and Aunt Maude. The girls’ mother has died and stern Aunt Maude is along to help raise them. Verna’s father is a psychiatrist in the hospital, which emphasizes pleasant surroundings for their patients. When Eleanor, a patient who is healing, comes to their house to help out, Aunt Maude is jealous of the relationship Eleanor has with the girls. Ugly things are said and both Eleanor and Maude leave for a time.

I don’t know how I feel about this story, it’s short and I need time to let this one sink in. I thought the characters were well written; particularly spunky Carlie (“Aunt Maude killed the eggs again.”) It’s an interesting setting for juvenile fiction. Bullying and treating others well is an important theme in the book.

2. 5 hours


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