A Day in the Life (Wednesday)

This is my night to work evenings, so I’ll be back around 1.

 It’s a perfect day (78, endless blue skies) and after an al fresco lunch of al pastor taco, I forced myself to work.  On my off desk agenda: departmental scheduling, evaluating SRC, genre list, and fixing a craft to look less like santa and more like a garden gnome.

Things accomplished:

  • gnome looks a little less like santa
  • in charge schedule sent for August
  • sent info to library system for RA workshop we’re doing
  • paperwork
  • sent more email about this RA workshop
  • talked about Rookie Readers and how many we should withdraw and recatalog. Do we recatalog them cuttered under Rookie Reader? or do we interfile by author? Cause what we’re doing now isn’t working… I voted for interfiling them by author and keeping the newer editions.
  • the genre list, finally 51 well balanced titles and 26 are boy main characters… the best I could do.

5 – 9 pm  We haven’t been very busy four days before the end of Summer Reading. Generally, at this stage of the club all prizes can be picked up and bonus book pages collected.  In previous years, readers (and listeners) could read up to 10 additonal pages (5 books/page for readers and 10 books/page for the read-to-me set) for prizes from area businesses. This year some of our favorite businesses didn’t want to participate so we had to cut down on the number of coupons we gave out.   Patron greed has been keeping us busy and now that they can’t get those 3 giordano pizzas/child/day for their 10 month old they aren’t coming in.  It’s nice not having to deal with people who only come in for stuff, but it doesn’t seem so great that they aren’t visiting the library. Is a puzzlement!

The rest of my slow evening included:
4 phone calls for a program
5 quiet down/please don’t run/put your shoes on
3 help with materials
6 summer reading prizes and 1 sign up
1 book reserve
and 3 people who specifically said thank you, which is refreshing.
Good night and see you tomorrow.


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I'm a children's librarian in the western suburbs of Chicago. I've been involved with children's literature since working in a children's bookstore in 1990.
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