A Day in the Life (Thursday)

I came to this project one day late (Tuesday not Monday) and I’m having a short work week, so this is the last day of my surprisingly light work week.
9 – 10.30 desk work, went through email, updated the Junior Room twitter account, updated my twitter account and other minor details.

10.30 – 12 on desk! What did I say about no coupon greed this year? Today was really as busy as I remember the last week of summer reading being… In between helping people (see below) I created a report on the different textbooks in our Textbook collection to send to the four different districts (but no catholic schools) who have textbooks in the Junior Room. I love Access.

In addition, I also:
gave prizes: 15
handled a crying and unruly child: 1
unsolicited (by parents) thank yous: 14
find materials: 1
help with xerox machine: twice
Readers advisory: 3
filtered junk mail: 643

whew. Then I went to lunch.

1 – 3.15 on desk again:
Summer reading club prizes given out: 32 children
hand stamp: 1
unsolicited thank yous: 7
Junk mail: 7
find materials: 12
behavior issues: 3
Readers advisory: 2
computer questions: 3

Whew! That was just who I helped. I had a co-worker doing the same thing. I tried to work on a Booklist (book ordering), which would have been completed had it been Monday through Wednesday of this week.

3.30 – 5 Rested, got some yumminess from Caribou Coffee and wrote letters to curriculum directors of those four school districts. Then I finished my Booklist! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

We want to do this next year! I think we’ll try and talk all DGPL bloggers to write a week’s worth of a Day in the life of a librarian. It’s such a great idea!


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I'm a children's librarian in the western suburbs of Chicago. I've been involved with children's literature since working in a children's bookstore in 1990.
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