The Mammoth Academy in Trouble by Neal Layton

maitAll excited about the first day of the term, Mammoth Academy students are excited for the plans for the end of term Founder’s Fiesta.  Plans change when they see graffiti scrawled all over the walls of their school: “We is gonna git you!”  Oscar, Arabella and their prehistoric schoolmates know that the Cave Skool  has moved in and brought humans nearby!!

The students and teachers of Mammoth Academy do their best to get on with the school year, but the primitive members of the Cave Skool continue to threaten them. “Ugh!”.  Cave Skool students are making a real mess of the area too. “Ugh! Ugh ugh ugh.”   When a blinding blizzard keeps the students at the Academy for more than a few days, Cave Skool students surround the school and attack.  It takes a quick escape route and the not-so-clever humans to resolve the situation.

I like this series (two so far).  The accompanying pictures really help set the tone.  I love the contrast of the highly intelligent and sophisticated prehistoric members of the Mammoth Academy versus the very primitive members of Cave Skool.  What a fun, different way to present a skool school story.

The Mammoth Academy in Trouble has 144 quick pages and is illustrated for students in Grades 2 – 4.  SH 8/09


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