The Middle-Child Blues by Kristyn Crow

Ray came first, Kate came last, and Lee is stuck in the middle. He’s too young to do what Ray does and too old to do what Kate does.  Being a middle child isn’t easy. I know I am one and I appreciate everything Lee is lamenting. 

I’m not the shiny engine
or the little red caboose.
I’m just a boring boxcar,
so I wonder, what’s the use?

The problem with all this complaining is that no one is listening to Lee, so he gets his electric guitar out and decides to let music speak for him.

When mom and dad join in everybody sings:

We sing the low-down show-down shakin’-up-the-whole-town big-time MID KID BLUES!

You can just feel the guitar riffs.  With bright colors, David Catrow sets the tone for Lee’s burgeoning music career (slick hair ala Elvis). It’s a delightful little picture book that is easily relatable to the sad forgotten middle child everywhere.

The Middle Child Blues is a picture book by Kristyn Crow and illustrated by David Catrow.  for ages 5 – 8.  SH 11.09


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