Never Cry Wolf by Heather Davis

Shelby Locke’s life has changed drastically in the past three years: her mom died, her father’s plastic surgery drug made him a multimillionaire, his remarriage and a move to Beverly Hills. Priscilla, the step-mom is highly critical of everything Shelby does, decides Shelby needs time to prove she can be trusted by going away to “brat camp”. So Shelby finds herself in Camp Crescent near an enchanted forest. It’s not so enchanted, but the camp is filled with teens of high-powered executives from all over, including brooding Austin Bridges the son of rock star. When Austin and Charles get lost in the forest, Shelby takes it upon herself to save them. This puts her on the problem camper list and she spends the rest of her camp stay in and out of trouble. Shelby wants to trust Austin, but the stash of drugs confiscated from Austin’s luggage makes her suspicious. The stash turns out to be a serum that suppresses the wolf in Austin, Yep, he’s a lycanthrope. Without his serum, Austin will change into a werewolf in the next few days. Shelby goes out of her way to help Austin, and gets caught and send to “hell on earth” a bootcamp in the desert of Utah.

Shelby is rather inclined to do then think and this gets her into trouble. The feel good camp counselors want Shelby to focus on working on her issues and not helping others, which seems rather selfish and not team building. Never Cry Wolf is a light and enjoyable story.

Never Cry Wolf has 216 pages. I would recommend it for sixth to ninth graders. SH 6/09


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